Ordinary Meeting of Fellows (Fellows and Guests Only)

The Dress Detective and the Slow Approach to Seeing

Lecture by Ingrid Mida*, Janet Arnold Award Recipient

*Please note: The speaker’s name is Ingrid Mida, not Ingrid Masaka, as was printed in the Meeting and Events card Fellows received.

Dress artifacts are complex bundles of information that can be difficult to interpret due to their multi-layered histories as well as the forces that hasten the decay of textiles. Nonetheless, dress artifacts can serve as important primary sources in interdisciplinary research, since each artifact carries evidence of a personal history and also embodies symbolic and aesthetic qualities that echo the cultural norms of a particular time and place. Although other disciplines have developed methodologies specific to their fields, there was, until now, no explicit methodology designed for dress artifacts. The Dress Detective is a book that seeks to rectify that gap and also encourages researchers to adopt the Slow Approach to Seeing.

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Event Location

Society of Antiquaries of London, Burlington House

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