An RAS Discussion Meeting organised by D Ward-Thompson (Central Lancs), J Hatchell (Exeter) Contact: Derek Ward-Thompson **Note change of time** (Coffee available from 9.30)

In January 2015 the JCMT changed ownership after almost 30 years of operations, although the UK still has a stake in the running of the telescope. Furthermore, the first generation of JCMT Legacy Surveys were completed in 2015. Three of the six surveys involved studies of star formation and the ISM. The new era marked the start of a new generation of surveys and a host of follow-up observations to the original surveys. So, as we move from the first generation of JCMT Legacy Surveys to the new era of JCMT Large Programmes, it is an appropriate time to take stock of what was learned from the first generation surveys and what is planned in the new era of large programme surveys. This meeting includes discussion of the results from the main surveys on star formation that have been completed (as well as their follow-up observations) and the plans for the new surveys (with some initial results).