The Rediscovery of Tutankhamun by Professor Aidan Dodson FSA

The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered at the beginning of November 1922 – suggesting that it would be appropriate for this lecture to be given during Oct/Nov 2022, to coincide with the centenary.

However, the name of the king had already been known to Egyptology for nearly 100 years, being first noticed by John Gardner Wilkinson soon after the initial decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs in the mid- 1820s. This lecture will trace research into the king’s career down to the present day, looking at the various theories regarding his activities and very identity, highlighting how much (or little!) the famous discovery has contributed to today’s picture of Tutankhamun and his reign.

Professor Dodson is currently completing a book on Tutankhamun, which is scheduled to be published in October/November 2022, to coincide with the centenary.