Francis Hamilton (nee Buchanan) was a Scottish naturalist employed as a Surgeon of the Honourable East India Company. Starting off as a knowledgeable botanist, he soon developed an interest in ichthyology and began collecting and documenting the fish species he encountered. With his unique approach, drafting descriptions and having illustrations of them drawn while the fish were still alive, he covered a total of 272 species. The results of his two visits to India (1795-1805, 1807-1815) were published in a monograph in 1822. The present talk will provide some background on and discuss interesting facets of the history of Hamilton’s Gangetic Fishes on the occasion of the publication of a new coloured edition.

Dr Ralf Britz is a fish taxonomist and anatomist who has worked on South Asian fishes for more than 20 years. He has described over 65 new fish species and published over 135 scientific papers on fishes.

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