Lunchtime Scientist

BH Lunchtime Scientist is an event that invites GCSE & A-Level students and their teachers to participate in a series of conversations with real scientists working in different fields.

The talks have been organised in collaboration with the courtyard societies of Burlington House.

Upcoming Lunchtime Scientists

#4: Matt Billing – Inorganic Materials Chemist

10 June 2020, 1pm BST: Hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry

What is an ‘Inorganic Materials Chemist’?! Join Matt as he gives an overview of his work as a Research Associate at London South Bank University. His research is focused on materials for energy storage, covering a wide range of applications such as hydrogen storage, solar thermal fuels, and batteries. 

Past Lunchtime Scientists

#3: Divya M. Persaud – Divya M. Persaud, Planetary Geologist

3 June 2020: Hosted by the Geological Society of London

In this #LunchtimeScientist, Divya spoke about the geology of Mars, 3D imaging and answered lots of questions about planetary geology and her scientific career so far.

#2: Angelo Vermeulen – Biologist, Artist and Space Systems Researcher

20 May 2020: Hosted by the Linnean Society of London

In this #LunchtimeScientist, Angelo talked about how he connects his varied interests by presenting a selection of transdisciplinary projects.

#1: Professor Jane Greaves – Astrobiologist

13 May 2020: Hosted by the Royal Astronomical Society

In this #LunchtimeScientist, Jane talked about life elsewhere in the Universe