Past: Open House 2015

On 19 September 2015, the Courtyard Societies greeted over 2,300 visitors at Burlington House as part of London’s ‘Open House’ event.  Open House London encourages people to appreciate the architecture and design of the city, and allows rare access to many buildings that are typically closed to the public.

Enthusiasts of architecture, art, and science were among the guests, as well as passing members of the public. They were welcomed by volunteers who explained the different features of the building, its art, and its history.

Event organiser Carrie Boyce said: “Burlington House provides a great range of attractions for visitors, and the volunteers really see the building with fresh eyes as they have a chance to explain the different rooms, as well as our respective activities. It’s an amazingly busy day but we see plenty of smiles to make it all worthwhile.”

Open House is free to attend and will be held again on 17th September 2016.