An unparalleled Anglo-Saxon Warrior Treasure: the Staffordshire Hoard Project, 2012–2017

Lecture by Chris Fern FSA

Tuesday, 4 June 2019


The Staffordshire Hoard is an unparalleled Anglo-Saxon treasure of gold, silver and garnet objects, discovered in 2009 by a metal detectorist, near Lichfield. Its hundreds of small and large fittings of sixth- to seventh-century date come mainly from the hilts of swords, though at least one helmet and a small number of significant Christian items also make up the collection. These finds have transformed our understanding of elite warrior and ecclestiastical culture during this period. The damaged condition of the objects indicates the large scale dismantling of weapons and other equipment that over time had been possessed by the combatants and specialist non-combatants of one or more armies.

The Hoard has offered many challenges, not least its discovery in over 4000 fragments, during a five-year programme of research and conservation, funded by Historic England and the owners (Birmingham City Council and Stoke-on-Trent City Council). This lecture will present the findings of this pioneering project to the general public, ahead of the planned publication of the results by the Society of Antiquaries, expected to appear in 2019.


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