Carl Linnaeus, along with other naturalists of 18th and 19th Century, did what humans do best: they created a grid, a system to try and slice up and understand the mysteries of nature; a pyramid of the world, so that humanity could distinguish the soil from the orchid, and the orchid from the wasp, and know the worth of each.

This interactive workshop will take Linnaeus’s system for ordering nature as a springboard to discuss how ideas about classification have evolved until the present; how we decide what is or isn’t “natural”, what a “species” is, and what unexpected consequences raising “humans” above nature can have.

Donna Haraway explored the idea of Cyborgism to break down boundaries, and gets us to think from radically fresh perspectives about our relationships to the world, the natural and the artificial. In this participatory workshop, explore classification and how it relates to cyborgs, monsters, and mutants.

And who wouldn’t want to spend their evening discussing cyborgs?

This course is for adults and is suitable for everyone. No prior biological or philosophical knowledge needed.
There will be a maximum of twelve participants with one facilitator so that individual attention can be given.
All materials will be provided.

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