Ordinary Meeting of Fellows (Fellows and Guests Only)

Children, Antiquarianism and Heritage

(Printed in the programme card as ‘Children and Antiquarianism: Past, Future’)

Lecture by Matthew Grenby

Today, young people are central to our idea of ‘heritage’. Many of the visitors to ancient monuments and buildings will be children, visiting with their families, or on school trips, and heritage agencies deliberately target the young. But when did this start? In the eighteenth and even nineteenth centuries, antiquarianism is often characterised as a patrician, male and very definitely adult occupation. But were there any juvenile antiquarians? When did children’s engagement with historic monuments begin? This lecture will reveal that many young people did participate in antiquarian activities from very early on, at many different levels of society and in many different aspects of their lives. Their role was perhaps more central than we might at first think to the formation of what we understand as ‘heritage’ today.

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Event Location

Society of Antiquaries of London, Burlington House

– See more at: https://www.sal.org.uk/events/2016/03/children-and-antiquarianism/#sthash.VkuaXVll.dpuf