Forthcoming: Burlington House Courtyard Summer Late (July 2018)

Burlington House Courtyard Summer Late

Resources at Burlington House

See the Burlington House Courtyard like never before and discover the six learned societies that reside here, furthering the study of art, history and science and sharing it with audiences around the world.

During this event, visitors will be introduced to our special collections as we explore the theme of ‘resources’ (in its widest sense!) with the resources needed, used and produced as part of each Society’s contribution to the study of art, history and science …

Each society has a unique programme to offer audiences of all ages, and great food and drink on offer, too!

*All activities are currently provisional, but the below should provide a taster of what to expect…*

Programme TBC

Programme TBC

Drop in for talks and an exhibition looking at the theme of geological resources.


Listen to fascinating 15 minute talks in the Linnean Society’s meeting room, looking at plants as resources. Topics include how plants have been used both as medicines and poisons, how algae has been exploited as a resource for sustainable futures and how plant conservation science is being used to tackle food and income security in developing countries.

Continuing the theme of plants as resources, attend an exclusive spirit tasting session in the Society’s Library looking at the use of plants in gin, vodka and whisky, as well as a herbal tea making session in the education room. Experts will be on hand in both rooms to discuss the use of plants in the various spirits and tea. Slots will last 15 minutes each for both the spirit tasting and the tea making. Both the spirit tasting and tea making will need to be booked in advanced via the Linnean Society Website.

Enjoy talks related to the theme of resources in space, in particular on the intruiging topic of asteroid and Moon mining. Enjoy hands-on activities including a ‘simulation’ of taking rock samples from the surface of another planet – explored through the medium of chocolate!

Unearthing the Past: Research Showcase. As part of this event, the Society’s grant recipients will present their recent research through table-top displays, talks, and interactive workshops. Our aim is to raise public interest in and awareness of history and archaeology by showcasing significant research that the Society has supported. This evening will explore the ways in which the Society’s ‘resources’ support further creation of scholarly resources and learning.

The interactive displays and workshops are designed to be stimulating, informative and accessible to all ages – so bring the whole family along! It also allows members of the public to explore the ground-floor of our historic apartments at Burlington House, learning about how and why we undertake research into the past.

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We look forward to seeing you there…

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